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Proteins and Amino Acids

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Protein and Essential Amino Acids

Protein is found in all cells in the body. It is the structural component of our muscles and skin. All of our organs, our brain, heart, lungs and bones contain and use protein in some way. Protein also serves as a major player in a wide range of vital bodily functions such as the maintenance and repair of the proteins in collagen, hair and fingernails, cellular bloodstream transport and catalytic action of important chemical processes.

Protein consists of building blocks called Amino Acids. Many amino acids can be produced by the human body but there are nine amino acids considered "Essential Amino Acids" because they cannot be produced by the human body.
Therefore, these "Essential Amino Acids" must be supplied directly from the proteins in the food that we eat.

What is a Complete Protein?

Because our bodies are in constant use and in need of replenishing these components of protein, it is important for good health to consume an adequate amount of each of these "Essential Amino Acids".
The different types of foods we eat contain proteins that have different proportions of these "Essential Amino Acids".
We may eat a food that has a lot of one "Essential Amino Acid" but just a little of another.
A "Complete Protein" is when a food or a combination of foods contain the proper amount of all of the "Essential Amino Acids" per each gram of protein of that food source.
Foods sources that are typically considered "Complete Protein" are meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and food combinations pairing beans, rice, corn, other whole grains, nuts and seeds.

How much Protein and Essential Amino Acids do I need?

The DV-Daily Value for FDA labeling requirements is set at 50 grams of protein for a 2000 calorie diet for the general public.
The National Academies Press state "The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for both men and women is 0.80g of good quality protein per kg body weight per day and is based on careful analyses of available nitrogen balance studies...."
Translation: A 70kg (154lbs) man or women needs about 56 grams of protein daily. Since protein needs vary per individual, the Dietary Reference Intakes charts recommend the following percentages of grams of protein per kg of body weight.
1.5g per kg - infants
1.1g per kg - 1-3 years
.95g per kg - 4-13 years
.85g per kg - 14-18 years
.80g per kg - adults
1.1g per kg - pregnant and lactating women
The RightTrak uses these percentages when calculating your Nutrient Profile.

Complete Protein Profile for a 50 gram Protein/2000 Calorie Diet -  FDA Label Requirement
Essential Amino Acid Needed per g of Protein Needed for 50g of Protein
Trytophan 7mg/.007g .35g
Threonine 27mg/.027g 1.35g
Isoleucine 25mg/025g 1.25g
Leucine 55mg/.055g 2.76g
Lysine 51mg/.051g 2.56g
Methionine+Cystine 25mg/.025g 1.25g
Phenylalanine+Tyrosine 47mg/.047g 2.36g
Valine 32mg/.032g 1.60g
Histidine 18mg/.018g .90g


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